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Support (everything is required)

What to do next

AFTER you filled out this form and click send, go to you software business rules page in your spreadsheet and click the Upload Link.

This will launch your browser and take you to the files upload page on our website, enter your user name and password shown on the business rules page, follow the instructions and upload the workbook in which you encountered the problem or need more information to use.

As soon as we receive the uploaded file, we will call you to review the issue and duplicate the issue during our telephone meeting so we can fix and resolve the problem.

Note our support to fix issues is provided live, this will require you to have access to your computer during the support issue review to allow us to review and address the issue together.

Once the support issue is fixed, we will upload your workbook file back to you so you can continue working without having to re-enter data.

If the issue was a software problem, we will also send you an upgraded version of the software that includes the fix to the problem you encountered for use as your new Software MASTER.