Receive a thank you gift of $50.00 discount off the cost of your purchase of TruckersBooks Software for every new software client you refer to us who purchase our TruckersBooks Software or Sign-up for our Software Bookkeeping Support service.

In addition, as we work to build our Accountants and Bookkeepers Network, to support our year-end tax client referral system and goals, we welcome referrals that will help us build directory network of accountants. The goal of the network is to allow us to easily connect clients with an accountant located near their office or home-base for year-end tax service and support.

Similarly, as a result of our direct to potential client marketing system, we receive an ongoing flow of request to connect potential client nationwide with an accountant near their office or home base, as a result, we welcome referrals from service providers and potential clients of accountant and bookkeepers that will join our directory network to make it easy for us to connect accountants and bookkeepers with potential client located nearby looking for their services.

As you refer accountants and bookkeepers who register their practice or business in our network, we will reward you with a thank you gift of $50.00 for each bookkeeper or accountant you refer that registers in our directory network.

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