Software Support Overview

Software users are assigned an in-house software support manager to provide help with information related to your bookkeeping data entry into the Truckersbooks software, as well as help with decisions on applicable expense allocations and how to enter expense questions.

Our software technical support team is available 6-days each week from 7am to 6pm eastern. This way as you enter your income and expenses, if you have user related questions you can call us.

However, built into your software is a User-Guide link on each data entry worksheet designed to take you to a similar page on our support database with user related instructions to answer questions relating to the worksheet and the workbook. Alternatively, just call our toll-free support line at (705) 300-5595.

Keep in mind that using the software is easy. There are no columns to total, nothing to setup, no currency conversion required if you are a Canadian trucker with income and expenses in U.S. funds. All of the required month-end financial reports are automatically created and are printer ready. Just open your Truckersbooks software and enter your information.

With the Truckersbooks software you eliminate the need to send copies or original source documents to your accountant or bookkeeper. Instead, you will be able to send them a copy of the Truckersbooks workbook or the customized for accountants month-end report. To read more about support options CLICK HERE.

Another benefit is eliminating the potential for documents getting lost or misplaced and in the event of a tax audit not being able to support deductions claimed on your financial statement and tax returns.