Software Support How It Works

Our year-end tax service system is designed around the fact that year-end tax services can be more conveniently provided by an accountant located near you. This way, once you become a monthly support client you are assigned a year-end account manager, who will be an accountant with a professional designation, located near you to provide year-end tax preparation services.

However, if you are not currently a client and simply looking for an accountant near you to provide for your year-end accounting and tax preparation needs, you can easily find one by visiting our Directory of Professional Accountants List designed to make it easy for truckers nationwide who do not currently have an accountant to easily find one located near their home base.

With this online directory of accountants, you simply click this Directory of Accountants link and select your home base Province or State and your home based city and select an accountant from the available list. Once you select an accountant, the system will display the contact information to allow you to call or send an email to be contacted.

Under our bookkeeping support service delivery system, our bookkeeping service focuses on providing truckers with an easy-to-use bookkeeping management and GST reporting system that allows them to take control of the bookkeeping information and the source documents, know their numbers and cut cost by reducing the overall annual bookkeeping and tax reporting service fees.

At the business year-end, we provide a set of year-end financials including a special year-end information report for accountants. To view reports click here. These reports can be sent direct to your tax preparer or accountant including any additional support details, and personal tax data from the tax data capture section of or website.