Home Office Version Overview

TruckersBooks Software is a customized for truckers bookkeeping management system developed for Truckers interested in being in control of the bookkeeping-side of trucking and having the opportunity to always know their business operating result numbers on a monthly basis without the need for any prior BOOKKEEPING EXPEROENCE.

This is an easy-to-use system, lets you simply enter your income and Expenses from your paper source documents and broker statements and the system does it all for you. The system will create the bookkeeping operating result and tax numbers.

A truly easy to use system for truckers. If you can enter numbers in a column, you can use this software.

  • You will not have to total the columns, the system does it automatically
  • For Canadian Truckers, you will not have to separate the GST/HST amounts when entering your Income and Expense numbers. Just enter the numbers from the bottom-line of your invoices and receipt and the system will identify and report the GST/HST amounts collected on your incomes if applicable and the GST/HST amounts paid on expenses and place these amounts on the Net-File ready report in the system for you.
  • Similarly for United States based truckers the system will create and report the Estimated Tax due amounts and a ready to print Report

With the TruckersBooks Software, you will know your TAX to pay numbers long before your Bookkeeper or Accountant sends you the news. You get to make large asset purchases decisions, if needed to reduce your tax payable before your business year-end date.

This customized for truckers bookkeeping management software, will allow truckers to eliminate the need to pack and ship their original source documents to their bookkeeper or accountant. Instead, they will be able to send a copy of the ACCOUNTANTS REPORT INCLUDED IN THE SYSTEM to their service provider.

This will result in truckers being able to CUT their bookkeeping service fees, documents shipping cost and even get a reduction on the year-end tax service fees charged by your service provider.

The reason: By providing your tax service provider with DATA, INSTEAD of PAPER that they have to assemble, sort and process, you will have moved your relationship to paperless which will be in line with the direction most bookkeepers and accountants are taking their business, so your data, instead of paper will be welcomed and they just may charge a lower fee for their services as a reward.

See the 2014 enhancements version.