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Reduce Paperwork

Keeping good records is a must-do business management activity if we are going to avoid overpaying tax. However, this can be time consuming and daunting without an easy to administer structure. That is what the truckersbooks software will provide. You will eliminate the need to sort and pack up your invoices and receipts and send them to an accountant.

Instead you will simply turn on your computer and enter the expense information from the receipt or invoices received, save the event and file the receipt in a folder. At the end of each month, after you have entered all of the income and expense information, you go to the menu, select the document management report, click the link which will take you to the report, print the report and attach all of your paper receipts, invoices and income information and broker statements and file this away.

It is that simple. This simple procedure will make your business information audit ready which means that in the event of an audit, the event will be hassle-free.

Cut Costs


With this TruckersBooks system, you will pay lower fees for bookkeeping and tax services, by being able to provide your accountant/bookkeeper or tax preparer with your business information on a professional spreadsheet or as monthly Profit/Loss result reports instead or an envelope of box of receipts and invoices.

No Panic Attacks

Using the truckersbooks software system to manage and take control of your business information and the documents means never having to worry that the information got lost in the mail or you need an invoice or receipt from the source documents sent to your bookkeeper but you are unable to contact the individual. He or She may be on vacation or gone out of business, your documents are lost.

Save Time

One of the challenges faced by most truckers when it comes to having ready financial information is being able to contact their accountant and getting a set of current operating financial statements for a meeting with a financials institution and getting it fast.

Most accountants have other clients and under most circumstances cannot respond to a request for current financial immediately when requested. However, with the truckersbooks system, users will have the information needed to satisfy any financial institution looking for a profit loss statement or current cash flow. Users of the truckersbooks software will simply print the report as required.

In addition, if they have an accountant that they send their spreadsheet workbook each month and need a set of financials, their accountant will be easily able to respond with the requested information as a result of having the information in spreadsheet form.

So if saving time managing your business information, the source documents or getting a set of financials fast, with truckersbooks you will have all that and more.

Know Your Numbers

TruckersBooks software automatically creates a printable Profit/Loss and Cash Flow report from the information you enter each month to allow you to always know your numbers. These customized reports will give more meaning to the business information and more control over the business-side of trucking.

As a result, with the TruckersBooks software, if you need fast access to a Profit/Loss or Cash Flow report, for a meeting with your Leasing Company or Banker, you can access that information without having to contact your accountant or bookkeeper.

In addition, we have built in some unique operating results per mile/per kilometer summary reports so that on a monthly basis, you will know your true return-on-investment of money as well as driving time without having to do any manual calculations or having to call your accountant or bookkeeper to do it for you.

Know how much profit you will make on a load before you turn the wheel

Built into this TruckersBooks software system is a unique Profit Per Load Analysis tool that will allow you to check the profitability of a load before you backup to the loading dock.

You will be able to simply go to the Load Profit Manager worksheet in the software and do the following:

  1. Enter dollar amount you are offered to deliver the load
  2. Enter the total miles or kilometers for the delivery roundtrip
  3. Enter estimated tolls if applicable

The Load Profit Analysis feature will give you the numbers, so you can make a load run decision. The analysis report will give you the following information.

  • Total fuel you will use for the trip
  • Your fuel cost per mile
  • Your total cost per mile for that round trip
  • Your total trip cost
  • Total trip profit dollars
  • Total trip profit per mile