Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started and how to enter information?

To answer these questions, we created a set of self-help links below similarly named to match all of the worksheets in the TruckersBooks system on your computer.

This way, wherever you are in the workbook you can come to this support page, click the link of the similar named worksheet in your system that you need help with. A screen shot of the worksheet will pop-up with information on how to use the worksheet. Also keep in mind that built into each worksheet in the software is a USER GUIDE link that will take you to the similar page here with instruction on how to use the worksheet you are in at the time.

At TruckersBooks our objective is to offer the best in class support to users of the software.

As a result, to consistently meet this objective, our technical support team stands ready to help you if required with getting started and using any of the worksheets in the workbook, so as to allow you to get the most benefit from using the truckersbooks software and the reports.

If you encounter a problem with any feature in the system or with the software, click support to send us a request for support help or call the support line: (905) 477-7773.