Privacy Policy



This site is owned by TruckersBooks Inc. Protecting your privacy is important to us.

Accountants in our database are assured that their email address is protected from spam.

We accomplish this as follows:

When truckers select you or your firm and ask to be contacted, they will click the contact us link on your ad, which will take them to a Request for Contact Page. On that page they will provide the following information to make it easy for you to establish a relationship when you contact them.

The Information they will provide are as follows:

  1. Company Name
  2. Owner-Operator Trucker Name or Contact Name
  3. Number of Trucks
  4. Business Style
    • Proprietorship
    • Corporation
  5. Business Year-end
  6. Address
  7. City, Province/State, Postal Code/Zip Code
  8. Phone
    • Home Phone
    • Cell Phone
  9. Email Address
  10. Best Day and Time to Contact

When done, they will enter the answer to a simple question and click submit. The system will send this information to you at your email address in our database. This way your email address will not be displayed on the Internet.

We will not sell or rent your email address or company information under no circumstance. Our business is selling our truckersbooks software to independent truckers and providing bookkeeping support where required and that is our only business.

With respect to our database advertising of accountants, that will be our only type of advertising. As a result, our website will not be cluttered with unrelated advertising from advertisers trying to reach the market we serve.

Terms of use

The site including without limitation any content, software and services offered are the property of TruckersBooks and/or the accountants listed in the directory. As a result, to avoid any doubt, the contents are protected by the copyright and intellectual property laws of Canada and the United States.

You are hereby authorized solely to view and to retain a copy of pages of this Site for your own personal use. Do not duplicate, publish, modify, or otherwise distribute the material on this Site unless specifically authorized in writing by the management of TruckersBooks, Inc.