To change the way truckers manage the bookkeeping and tax accounting side of trucking, by providing them with an easy-to-use bookkeeping management system that they can take on the road or use at home to manage and keep track of income and expenses and have quick access to meaningful financial reports.

To give them more control over the business information and the source documents and an easy to manage way of being always TAX AUDIT READY.

With this system truckers will be able to easily move their business from paper to paperless for bookkeeping and tax compliance management as well as for IFTA information management and compliance reporting if applicable.

The bottom-line! We will help truckers:

  • Move their business-side of trucking from paper to paperless.
  • Have more control over the bookkeeping and tax compliance information.
  • Know their numbers and the business-side of trucking bottom-line.
  • Have more control over the business source documents.
  • Have monthly access to professional reports, with a click of the mouse.
  • Reduce their annual bookkeeping, accounting and tax services cost.

We will change the way truckers utilize the services of bookkeepers and accountants.

We will give them the tools and support to move their bookkeeping requirement from full service bookkeeping information processing and tax preparation to simply requiring tax services from their bookkeeper or accountant, which will significantly reduce their annual bookkeeping and tax services fee and help drive more profit to the bottom-line.