Independent Software Sales Agent


A dynamic niche industry sales opportunity with a lucrative commission for experienced and motivated software and service sales professionals to sell our TruckersBooks software to Independent Truckers in Canada and the USA.

The bookkeeping and accounting for truckers industry has traditionally delivered accounting and bookkeeping services from envelopes and shoe-boxes filled with income and expense receipts sent to accountants and bookkeepers for processing.

However, as the world of trucking moves more to becoming a paperless industry, truckers are forced to embrace computers as a tool for their business. In addition, new truckers joining the industry are usually individuals who have already embraced the computer as a necessary business tool.

So the opportunity here is for a sales agent to alert truckers to the availability of the truckersbooks bookkeeping management software, customized for truckers, designed to help them take control of the bookkeeping process, reduce operating cost, save money, without the need for any prior bookkeeping experience or having to call their bookkeeper or accountant.

Considering the industry size, the right independent sales professional should be very busy and should be able to earn an above average income on commission sales of the truckersbooks software.

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