About TruckersBooks


TruckersBooks was founded in 2011 by Ron Johnson to utilize his over 30 years bookkeeping for truckers experience operating Trucktax and current and emerging technology to create a paperless bookkeeping for truckers service system, that would include a customized for truckers spreadsheet bookkeeping system as well as an online system that truckers would be able to access from anywhere via the internet.

The customized for truckers spreadsheet bookkeeping management system created, allowed Truckers to take control of the bookkeeping-side of trucking and have professional operating result statements as well as GST/HST NetFiling information report (Canadian Truckers) and Estimated Self-employment Tax report for US Truckers, without the need for any prior bookkeeping experience.

Truckers are able to use the system from their home office or while on the road from their laptop computer and transfer the data to their home computer on a weekly or monthly basis or after each trip.

Using the system, truckers would simply enter their Income from invoices and broker statements or other income source documents and expenses from invoices and receipts and using our secure upload system, upload the spreadsheet workbook to TruckersBooks at the end of the business month for bookkeeping support review, GL merging, quarterly GST/HST filings and quarterly statements preparation that are deposited in our cloud server for download by the clients.

For year-end tax service and reporting, TruckersBooks created a special Directory of Accountants for Truckers which is being populated with professional accountants nationwide to help make tax time for truckers hassle-free by being able to have the year-end tax services required provided by accountants with professional designation conveniently located near their office or home base.

However, Truckers are not locked in to using TruckersBooks Support for quarterly and year-end bookkeeping and tax filing management. The system allows them to send the data to any accountant or bookkeeper of choice by using the built in email with attachment link in the system.

With this east-to-use customized spreadsheet system:

  • No double entry Bookkeeping required.
  • Just enter information into the spreadsheet and the system will do the rest.
  • No accounting or bookkeeping experience required.

If you can enter information into a spreadsheet or list information in columns, this program will allow you to take control of the bookkeeping information and the source documents and allow you to always know your numbers without having to call your accountant or bookkeeper.

From your information you entered, the system will automatically prepare the following printer ready reports.

These reports include:

  • Profit-Loss Statement
  • Operating Analysis
  • Cash Flow Statement

In addition, we have built in a unique feedback system to allow you to enter Kilometers or Miles traveled and have the system give you the operating analysis information on: - Your Income per mile - Your Cost Per mile - Your Profit Per Mile


  • No software installation hassles to deal with.
  • No software setup to figure out.
  • We setup your business information in the software before we license and send it to you.
  • Your software arrives ready for you to begin entering your income and expense information.
  • No accounting Jargon to learn.
  • No Excel experience required.
  • If you can fill-out a form and write in columns you can use this program.
  • You will save money. You could reduce your bookkeeping fees by up to 50%.
  • Similarly, you will significantly reduce the year-end fee charged by your accountant or tax preparer by having your bookkeeping done and year-end tax ready.
  • You will gain more control over your bookkeeping information.

The TruckersBooks Online Bookkeeping system is similarly easy to use and provides Truckers using the system with all of the above user benefits and support. The difference in the systems is the reports available system. Where the software users have access to the monthly reports shown above, the online users receives an instant profit/loss pop-up report once they click the submit link to send us the data and receive a download notification for quarterly reports deposited on our cloud server for them to login and download.