Why you need an accountant near you

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To make your business and personal tax time less challenging.

We know from our over 28 years experience providing truckers with bookkeeping and tax services, that year-end accounting and tax preparation services can be more conveniently provided by an accountant located near your home or office.

However, we recommend that you retain the services of a professional accountant to ensure you are not over paying taxes at year end and to have a professional presentation with notice to reader comments for your bank or financial institution.

In addition, you can lower your professional service fees, by having your bookkeeping done by an experienced truckers bookkeeping service provider with the year-end accounting and tax done by a professional accountant.

This is good for your business and the bottom-line.

The finding an accountant challenge

Most Truckers and small business owner when they need an accountant will ask a friend for the name of one to contact. Others will go to the various advertising directories or the internet and usually have to spend hours searching and maybe calling a few, only to find that not all accountants provide services to Truckers.

So finding a accountant this way, is a time consuming task for a busy trucker.

As a result, we have made it our mission, to make it easy for truckers to easily Find-An Accountant and further to help them find one located near their home or office with our online directory of accountants system.

How it works

To find an accountant near you, you would simply click directory of accountants and check your province/state and city for an accountant listed that is located near you.

Alternatively you can simply click I Need an Accountant, include your full address with your city, click submit and we will do the rest.

We will check our online directory of accountants to see if we already have an accountant registered that is located near you.

If we do, we will send you an email with an active link that you simply click-on to be taken to the directory section of your province/state and city where two to three accountant located near you will be displayed to select from.

If we do not have two or more already listed, we will find the required qualified accountants and have them list their practice and send you the link to the directory section to allow you to make contact or to be contacted.

You simply choose one of the accountants and make contact directly by calling the contact phone number provided.

Alternatively, you can click the contact link on their display ad to send them an email requesting them to contact you.

If you select the email contact approach, the system will take you to an information form to be completed to allow the accountant to receive the required business service setup information prior to calling you.

This will make the first call very productive and allow the accountant to be in ready to begin working with you status.