Welcome to TruckersBooks Software

This Software is Customized for Truckers, to make it easy for Truckers without any bookkeeping experience, to save money by taking control of the Bookkeeping process and the management of the broker statement information and small receipts data capture from diesel fuel and meals receipts.

Broker Statement Auditor

The Broker Statement Auditor is a unique part of the TruckersBooks Bookkeeping Management system that allows truckers to verify the accuracy of the numbers in the Carrier Supplied Broker Statement and create a set of financial reports from the information without any prior bookkeeping experience.

Broker Statement Auditor Features

This feature in the TruckersBooks software, is a one-page Bookkeeping Data Capture worksheet that allows Truckers to easily audit the Carrier Supplied Broker Statement numbers, by entering the income and deductions reported into the TruckersBooks Broker Statement audit worksheet and the system will audit the percentage of gross pay accuracy, the driver pay settlement and much, much more.

Broker Statement Analysis Reports

  • Income per Km/Mile
  • Cost - Deductions per Km/Mile
  • Driver (O/O) Earnings per Km/Mile
  • Empty KL/Miles as a % of Total Km/Miles
  • Loaded KL/Miles as a % of Total Km/Miles
  • Percentage of Gross Pay Verification